Spurrier Capital Partners is an independent, technology-focused investment bank committed to serving the specific strategic needs of our clients

Our UniQue Approach

Our Consigliere Approach is centered on confidentiality and trust earned through giving unwavering, objective, and independent advice

We are not bound by the conflicts that are prevalent with the diversified, super-market, one-size-fits-all banking approach

We are our client’s representative in any given transaction, not an investment bank’s representative at a client

We place the needs of our clients before our own, and pride ourselves on being key long-term partners and stakeholders in our clients’ success

Letter From the Founder

As I began the transition from Army Paratrooper to Investment Banker, there was only one firm for which I wanted to work, JP Morgan.  At the time, Morgan was a lead bank to 99 of the Fortune 100 Companies and was known first and foremost for its strong personal relationships with its clients’ Boards and C-level executives.  I got my opportunity to join in 1992 and loved learning from some of the greatest relationship bankers that I have ever known.

I would later move to Morgan Stanley, the other half of the House of Morgan, and worked with some of the best domain experts in Technology, such as Charles Phillips in Enterprise Software and George Kelly in Communications (now a Senior Advisor to SCP).  At the time, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were the leaders in Tech Banking, and I was fortunate to work with some of the best, most disruptive companies in all of technology.

I started SCP in 2009 with the vision of constructing a team capable of combining the best of relationship banking with deep domain expertise.  By 2011, we had a full team in place executing a model that was beginning to be viewed differently by the large Tech consolidators, the Private/Growth Equity and Venture Capital communities, and the leading private companies in Technology.

We call our method the Consigliere Approach.  As Consigliere to our clients, we give confidential, trustworthy, objective, and independent advice, and always act in their best interest.  Talk to anyone that has worked with us and they will tell you that we have a patient approach that puts the client first, always.  Our view is that if we always do right by our client, we will eventually be taken care of, and this is exactly how the model has played out.

Today, in looking at the clients that we have had the privilege to work with over the past six years, you can see that the vision has largely been realized.  We are entrusted to work with leading private Tech companies and top Tech Private Equity Firms as they seek to find the best strategic partners for their businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and for considering SCP for your Advisory needs.

Sincerely, Clark Spurrier